Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Grape Going! new formula??

As a polish fanatic I have many vices.  One of those is for the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri line of polishes.  Anytime a new collection comes out I have to have them.  I use them almost exclusively for stamping and nail art as well as when I need a polish to wear and am short on time.  I started my love affair with them after I would use my hour long lunches from work to drive over to my nearest CVS or Walmart and buy a polish then paint my nails in my car. I did this many times and started to collect some really cool shades.  After I discovered stamping I went crazy and bought a ton of them.  The majority of them would be opaque in one coat and dry very quickly.  Not all the polishes in the Insta-Dri line are so opaque, one such polish was a shifting polish called Grape Going!. 

Today while browsing my local Walmart I spotted a purple shade of polish that I hadn't seen before.  It was similar to Orchid Express which was a LE.  I grabbed it and immediately did a double take.  The label said 410 Grape Going! but this was a super purple shade not the blue/purple flash sheer polish I knew I had in my stash.  I dug back behind the other two bottles in the display case to find that exact bottle I recalled.

Both bottles were labeled the exact same.  Product number 410  (polish on my nails is OPI I Theodora You)
Side by Side New bottle on the left, old bottle on the right.

Pointer and ring fingers are the new bottles.  Middle and pinkie are old.  I did my thumb in Orchid Express just for color comparison.  The new Grape Going! is darker but very similar.

L to R Grape Going! new, Grape Going! old and Orchid Express.

As you can see it looks like they have switched to a new more opaque polish.  There is nothing remotely similar in these polishes save for the name and the fact they are purple.  I wish they had just gave the new one a different name.  I am not sure if they are discontinuing the old one so get it while you still can.  I will be using the new one for stamping for sure.  It's so pretty.


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