Friday, March 14, 2014

Miss Kitty Nails: The inspiration behind the name.

Good evening!  I have a ton of things coming up for my blog this weekend.  I have been working on some incredible macro shots and some videos so expect a few posts to catch me up.

In the meantime, I wanted to explain why I am using the name Miss Kitty Nails for my blog.  I know when I first decided to create a blog I had a little trouble coming up with a name that I could use.  Since it seems like so many people are blogging about nail polish most of the names I came up with were either already taken or not really a good fit for me.  I really want to eventually make my own polish brand and I wanted to keep that long term goal in mind as I chose my online persona.

I chose Miss Kitty Nails actually because of something that my boyfriend suggested.  Miss Kitty is our senior aged cat.  She was adopted by him from a local rescue nearly 20 years ago.  She wasn't a kitten back then either so we have no idea how old she is.  Miss Kitty is one of the most precious creatures on this Earth.  She's adorable, she's incredibly loving and she makes me smile every single day.  She is my inspiration as I do what I do to take care of her and my other cats.  I wanted a name that was fun and playful and could be made into a cute logo someday. I hope that clarifies things a little to anyone who might have been curious about it.

Here is picture of the princess herself.

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