Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag - June 2014

It's my favorite time of the month again!  I found myself getting anxious for the month of May to be over with so I could get my June Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag.  I eagerly anticipate ripping open the bubble mailer to see what amazing scent is going to greet me each month and June was the best one yet. As usual there were 3 polishes and some other goodies.

This month's extras were some mini cuticle sticks, some white and lime green pearls, perfume in the scent Nucifera, an exfoliating sugar scrub in the scent Tea Biscuit and a cuticle balm in Tea Biscuit.  Nucifera is a pleasant fragrance described as being on a beach.  I like it.  Tea Biscuit is a nutty vanilla scent that literally smells like a cookie.  The note that came with the package says "Please do not eat"!  It's that good. 
Those type of scents are my favorites.

This is my first experience with a cuticle balm outside of Burt Bees and I am in love.  It absorbed right away leaving my cuticles looking and feeling fantastic not to mention smelling incredible.  There was no residue, it was not sticky.  I didn't have to reapply until the next day and even then my cuticles were not in desperate need.  I usually use California Mango cuticle oil which I swear by but I do have to reapply often.  I am so pleased with this, it is my favorite item out of the entire bag this month!

Now onto the polishes.  Upon first glance my thought was "oh pink".  I wasn't quite sure how I felt about them but after really looking at them, I was very pleased.  Each is completely unique to my collection.

Ichigo, Rose Macaron & Pikake

Rose Macaron is a soft pink crelly with pink and gold micro glitters as well as purple, pink, yellow and gold glitters.  It's a very feminine and pretty polish. 

Indoors with indirect lighting

3 thin coats with 1 coat Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash

Pikake is the glitter topper in the group.  I used it for the swatches over another Rainbow Honey Cameo 18 from the April Mystery Bag.  I will be trying this over other colors as well but I was in a neon mood.  I photographed it under several different lighting conditions because of the difficulty capturing the true color of the neon pink.

Outdoors direct sunlight.  1 coat of Pikake over Cameo 18
Indoors in shade.  Most accurate color to how bright Cameo 18 really is.  I love how different all the glitters are on and how the purple and white pop on this pink

Last is my favorite of the three and that is Ichigo.  Ichigo is a fuchsia jelly with purple and blue iridescent
flakies.  In the bottle I thought it was maroon and didn't seem like the most exciting of colors.  It almost appeared like a vial of blood.  Sorry for that image but I wanted to give and honest reaction!  When I swatched it I instantly changed my mind!  It's really pretty.  My only complaint would be that the formula was a bit thick and with the flakies in the jelly application was tough.  It was very thick.  I ended up having to use a lot of polish just for this swatch and with it being a mini you can tell from the first photo on this page how much is gone already from just one hand!  That being said, it's worth the effort.

See what I mean about in the bottle??
Look at the jelly swishy goodness!!! This is outdoors in direct sunlight.  3 coats with one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash

Here is my video review of this bag as well.  I don't have anything to dupes any of these so I have nothing to compare them to.  I am very pleased overall with my third consecutive Rainbow Honey bag. 

You can purchase Rainbow Honey products here.