Thursday, February 27, 2014

Indie Spotlight: Dashing Housewife

I recently discovered a new to me indie brand Dashing Housewife from one of my wonderful friends over on the MakeUp Talk message boards.  I was initially drawn in because of Rockin Housewife a hot pink, glow in the dark polish with black and white glitters and some larger white skull glitters.  This polish screams "ME".  The day I discovered this brand I liked them on Facebook and carried on my life as normal without making a purchase or really looking at any of the other polishes she had including the ones in the Pink Isn't Just a Color, It's an Attitude collection.

Fast forward a few months.  On Valentine's Day there were a ton of indie polish sales going on.  I hadn't planned on shopping that day but noticed Dashing Housewife was one of the ones who was having a sale so I went back to the site and actually started looking at the polishes.  I selected three that looked interesting and placed my order. 

My polish arrived in the most adorable packaging.  There was a hand written note and a cute patterned duct tape strip along the back.  Inside was all 3 polishes packed up in individual bubble wrap with cute tape holding it together and then placed inside a lovely bag with glitter ribbon tying it together.  I am a sucker for this level of detail.  Dashing Housewife won cool points with me there.

The polishes I chose were all from the Pink Isn't Just a Color, It's an Attitude collection and included a white crelly polish, a glow in the dark polish and a thermal.  I had some weird issue with my thermal.  Best as I can figure it may have gotten in some extreme temperatures in the shipping and it didn't work when I got it.  Well, that's not true... it worked only when sticking an ice cube on my finger and the moment I removed it the effect disappeared.  I only mention this because the service I received upon contacting Dashing Housewife was second to none.  I was given a replacement bottle that works perfectly. 

After seeing a flash sale via Instagram I went back and purchased two more polishes from Dashing Housewife.  This time one was a glitter polish from the This Is Halloween collection and the other is a special polish created for someone battling Lymphoma.  This polish is not only beautiful but the reason behind it struck a cord with me having lost some loved ones to cancer recently.  I received these as well (along with my replacement thermal) in the world's cutest packaging.  Once again I was smitten by the bag my polish was wrapped in.
I will have a post for the polishes themselves up shortly.  This brand is one to keep an eye on and one you should certainly try. The polishes are fantastic.

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