Tuesday, September 3, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2013

Good morning.  I am a bit behind in this post as the challenge actually started on the 1st of September.  I have been participating just not blogging about it. Today I will be making several posts to catch myself up to speed. 

What exactly is the 31 day nail art challenge?  Every day for 31 days a different theme or idea is given and the participant must create nail art to match.  This is the 3rd year this has been going on.  There is a hashtag for this year's event to show your art off #31dc2013.  Here is a list of the challenges.

Since I change my polish pretty much every day anyway I am confident I can get through this!  What I am looking forward to is pushing myself to think outside the box and also get outside my own comfort zone. 

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