Thursday, August 29, 2013

Indie Polishes - Lacquer Lust Carebear Stare

Wow!  Do I have a gem for you today.  I recently began purchasing indie polishes online.  Let's face it, I am an instant gratification kind of chick and part of my fun is getting great deals.  That is, until I stumbled upon some indie polishes and timidly made my first purchase.  Now my thrill is in seeking out these unique beauties and purchasing them before they are gone forever.  This amazing polish I have for you today is just such a score.

Last Sunday at 4 AM I had a serious case of insomnia.  I picked up my trusty iPhone 4 and began to Google for polishes.  I had a desire for something milky with pastel glitters.  This, my friends, is my weakness.  I love all kinds of polishes but there is something enchanting about these finishes for me.  By some miraculous stroke of luck, I happened upon a blog post for a polish called Carebear Stare by Lacquer Lust.  Being an 80's child, I again was drawn to it.  The swatches were pretty and the review was good so I impulsively added it to my cart and ordered it before I changed my mind.  The polish was 8.00 with 2.50 shipping.  For indies I like to stay under 10 that's my max so I got this one with the shipping for that.

The email response was prompt.  I then received a second email on Tuesday 12:25 AM  advising me my order was ready for shipping and a tracking number assigned.  I got my polish on Wednesday people!  WOW!  When I got the package, my special treatment continued.  I have purchased polish online before but never received anything like this.

How adorable is this?
It was so cute I didn't want to open it.  Of course I did.

Please excuse the messy desk but I was so excited to show it off.  I will be putting it on tonight and will update this when I do.  I just wanted to say how awesome I think Lacquer Lust is.  I have treasured every moment of this polish purchase like none other.  I will be buying from her in the future.

However, when I posted this to a forum of indie polish lovers, we soon discovered her site is only showing a pre-order for a birthstone collection and this one is nowhere to be found.  While I am sad, I am extremely lucky to be able to own it.  So if you want this gem, please keep trying her.


Almost two months after I first made this post, I realized I never posted any photos of my swatches.  At the time my nails were very short and I wasn't happy with the pictures.  Here is three thin coats of Carebear Stare.

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