Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Vintage Favorites - Mall Polishes

I grew up in a very small town in Wisconsin population 1100.  Living that kind of lifestyle suited most of the residents.  Those people actually chose that setting on purpose.  For a teenager, that was not the case.  You don't really get to experience fashion or shopping when your main source of commerce is the local feed store.  I predate the internet.  The only escape was to travel the hour long commute to Appleton which at the time had a population of a mere 65,000 people.  This was no New York City or booming metropolis but it did have an awesome mall and much more to do than where I came from.  To me, it was like the most amazing place on earth.

The mall was the very first place I had ever seen nail polish of any color that wasn't red, pink or nude.  They had kiosks set up near the food court entrance filled with tiny bottles of bold colored polish.  The 6 of them I purchased all were shimmer polishes.  I don't remember if they had any cremes or glitters either back then but one of them is labeled as a duo-chrome polish shifting from baby blue to gold.  From the labels these were manufactured by Townley Cosmetics.  A quick Google search shows me they now make Hello Kitty cosmetic sets and apparently does not test on animals.  I have found nothing about the shades I have or anything else about the nail polish from that long ago.  While the Streetwear collection is in high demand on Ebay and has many blogs dedicated to it, I have never seen any of these anywhere online. 

From left to right: Hot Rod, Greena, Jelly Bean, Volcano, Blue Gold and Alice Copper

Most of these as you can see have been almost used up.  Volcano is by far not only my favorite of this group but one of my favorites of all time.  I have seen colors similar before but none an exact dupe for this shade.  When I do, I will be snatching it up with a few spares as well.

Now for the swatches.

Application on these was a mess.  I am certain that's because of the age and the fact I have had to add thinner to them a number of times.  At one point I had to use a pliers to get some of the bottles open because they had nearly dried up and were in storage for 5 years.  Hot Rod actually went on rather well and is also a favorite of mine because it's a very good Green Bay Packers green.  Greena is in fact a shade of blue.

From left to right: Greena, Alice Copper, and Hot Rod

From left to right: Blue Gold, Jelly Bean and Volcano

Also at the mall was a little store called Hot Topic.  I don't remember the exact year that I bought these but I have 2 polishes from the Urban Decay line.  Gangrene was my absolute favorite.  I was a huge fan of emerald green and completely used it up.  I also broke the cap at some point so what was left dried up and all I have is an empty bottle and memories!  I still have a tiny bit of Gash left but will only use it for super special occasions.  I loved the colors and names of these polishes.  I wish I had purchased more shades when I had the chance.  Some day if I feel inspired I may try my hand at Ebay and pick some up if and when I see them.  I would definitely like to have another bottle of each of these.

From left to right: Gangrene and Gash

What are you favorite Urban Decay or mall exclusive polishes? 

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