Friday, January 10, 2014

2014: A new year for blogging and nail art.

Even in writing this I realize I am ten days behind the new year in making a resolution to blog more.  Well, quite frankly blog at all it seems.  I started this blog with the intention of doing a lot more but I tend to end up posting all my stuff on the Make Up Talk nail forums and do not invest the time to do things here instead.  I plan on changing that.  I would like to do more in depth swatches of my many recent polish acquisitions.  I find that part of my hesitation is a lot of what I have is discontinued or completely unavailable for purchase.  I don't want to start putting up pictures of things and disappointing any readers that might happen on this page.  With that being said, I have to laugh at myself.  My first real posting was on vintage polish which is, in most cases, gone forever.  I guess that makes me a liar.  I have tons of wonderful polish in my collection as I have been blessed in 2013.  I have met some incredible people though the aforementioned MUT forums and even participated in a Secret Santa nail swap!  It was an amazing experience and through it I received as one of my gifts the polish most on my want list.... OPI Black Spotted. 

I would like to focus more on my nail art.  I have an entire thread dedicated to reverse nail stamping and creating your own nail decals that I would like to put on here as well.  I am obsessed with stamping but haven't done much in the way of it lately due to too many new polishes I just have to use.  I also was gifted several rhinestones and tools for Christmas and am thinking about venturing into the land of 3D nail art as well. 

I look forward to the possibilities that 2014 holds for me.  I hope to grow my indie collection to epic proportions.  I just got a Melmer recently and am looking forward to some acrylic shelving to replace my foam racks. 

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