Monday, October 21, 2013

Indie Polishes - Glitter Daze A Garlic A Day Keeps the Vampires Away

A Garlic A Day Keeps the Vampires Away
Some days you just see a product and think to yourself "I have to have that".  That is what happened when I saw the Halloween 2013 collection from indie polish brand Glitter Daze.  I have been dying to try a thermal nail polish now for as long as I can remember.  I felt like this polish literally jumped off the screen and grabbed me like a zombie in a horror film.  As fate would have it, it was payday and they were being launched during my lunch hour.

I was so eager to have this polish I splurged for the 2 day shipping which was considerably more than the regular by weight option.  So I waited.  I then received my email stating my package was shipping.  Without getting into a whole lot of detail, my package was inadvertently delayed and wouldn't be shipping on the 15th as originally thought but would go out on the 18th instead.  I sent a very angry email to Glitter Daze in protest.  I was met with some amazing customer service.  An explanation was given along with an apology and my shipping was refunded from the express amount to the regular shipping rate.  This was just over $5.00.  I am incredibly pleased with the service I was given by Glitter Daze.  I was made a loyal customer by the gestures that were extended for me.  My biggest complaint in this entire world is lack of human interaction and decency and I was more than shown this courtesy.

On to the polish.  I finally got my package today.  With the anticipation of a child on Christmas I unwrapped the beautiful little bundle nestled in pink tissue paper and cuddled with bubble wrap.  I am sucker for a pretty packaging .

Outdoors in the heat
This polish is amazing.  I buy quite a bit of indie glitter/crelly polishes and this one was top notch.  It went on super smooth.  The formula is a bit thick but that did not work against it.  In two coats it was opaque and perfect.  The glitters don't drag on the second coat and I had no issues with distributing them at all.  When I first saw this polish online with a macro shot of the bottle, it did not do this polish justice.  There are all kinds of glitters packed inside here.  The larger rectangular black ones remind me of the chocolate chips inside Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  There's small red glitters and what look like holographic glitters that give it so much sparkle.  I never would have gotten that from the initial images I saw. 

Being my first thermal I wasn't sure what to expect.  I hope they all act like this.  The transitions are quick and so much fun to look at.  I love seeing how cold one room is compared to the others.  It wasn't just here's the warm color on your nail closest to your skin and your tips are red.  There are in between colors and an when it's kind of cool it almost looks pink and reminds me of Ghiradelli   Peppermint Bark candy.

Bottom line:  You need this polish.

Transitioning from cool to hot

Naturally with a cool drink

Cold (achieved after chopping tomatoes)

Just added:  With a topcoat after a full day of wear.  Still stunning!  Glitter comes out so much better with topcoat.

Seriously doesn't it look like this??

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  1. You know I'm not a glitter girl but I really have to have this. It's so freakin' cool!